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Sponsored by KeyBank.

The Indiana Youth Institute promotes the healthy development of Indiana children and youth by serving the people, institutions and communities that impact their well-being.

Community Collaboration through Volunteering

Teaching kids to find common ground with those who wear a different uniform or come from a different background can manifest more positive outcomes in adulthood. That’s why parents, mentors and volunteers in children’s lives are critical to teaching them how to cope and overcome challenges. Learn more about how the recent Little League World Series provides an example for communities coming together for success in IYI’s Monthly Column for September.

Regional Training: Postsecondary Pathways: Connecting Education to Careers for Student Success

Postsecondary Pathways is a regionally based discussion among K-12 educators, corporations, employers, youth-serving professionals, and state and regional government agencies about how best to connect Hoosier students with the education and careers that fit their skills and interests.

Attend in Odon (October 2) for only $10! Register onsite.

September Issue Brief: Infant Mortality

A child’s first year of life is the most fragile. In 2012, 556 Hoosier children died prior to their first birthday. That is more than 3 in 400 infants or one every 16 hours. Learn more about infant mortality in IYI’s latest Issue Brief, “Babies at Risk: Overcoming an Unhealthy Start.”

Register Now for the 2014 Because KIDS COUNT® Conference presented by Pacers Foundation

Secure your spot today! Register now for the 2014 BKCC in Indianapolis. You won’t want to miss this year’s keynote speakers (Leigh Anne Tuohy and Dr. Lonise Bias), workshops and networking activities. Learn more and register here.

October Free Webinar:Youth Violence: Prevention & Intervention


This webinar, presented on October 29, 2014, will address what adults can do to prevent children from choosing violence and aggression, which can lead to costly mistakes affecting their futures. It will also address ways to successfully intervene in situations that are trending toward violence and offer solutions to regaining trust and forming partnerships between parents and children as well as teachers and students.
Preregistration is required.

IYI Media Bytes

IYI Media Bytes makes newsgathering quicker and easier. This free service provides on-demand videos, sound bytes and quotes about timely youth development issues. IYI President & CEO Bill Stanczykiewicz speaks on new topics each month.  Watch the videos and learn more here.

Mentoring PSAs

Check out these inspiring PSAs that demonstrate the tremendous impact mentoring can have on mentors and mentees alike, then find out how to become a mentor here.

Sam and Jayden's mentoring relationship helps them to see what's really important in life. Watch the video.

Mentoring PSA- Sam and Jayden

You can view all of the PSAs here.

Stat of the Week

More than one in four (28.3%) Indiana High School students have been offered, sold, or given an illegal drug by someone on school property in the last year.

Source and related resources from IYI's library here.

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